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Our company offers projects spanning a wide variety of fields. The subject can vary from aerospace and defense to film and TV, from medical to architectural, from gaming technology to prototyping, you name it and we have the infrastructure to give you the very best of the output.

Our visualizing team consists of a set of exceptional creative thinkers. There visualization is not only original and imaginative but also quite resourceful. They are the first ones to work on your project. Visualization is any technique for creating images or animations to communicate a message. Visualization through visual imagery has been an effective way to communicate both abstract and concrete ideas since the dawn of man.

Our modelers and animators can create photorealistic representations that bring your image to life.

ArtDuck Studios can transform your ideas into a realistic imagery.

Product Visualization

Product Visualization mainly involves visualization software technology for the viewing and manipulation of 3D models, technical drawing and other related documentation of manufactured components and large assemblies of products.

By doing "product visualization" ArtDuck Studios is able to visualize the actual product and other functions such as analyses of the product in operation and manufacturing processes required for the production of the product. The high level of photorealism provided by ArtDuck Studios gives us the opportunity to view the project before it is actually manufactured. This supports functions ranging from design and styling to sales and marketing.

3D visualization is an important aspect of product development. Originally technical drawings were made by hand, but with the rise of advanced computer graphics the drawing board has been replaced by computer-aided design (CAD). CAD drawings and models have several advantages over hand-made drawings such as the possibility of 3D modeling, rapid prototyping and simulation.


Architectural Visualization

3D architectural visualization is also known as "photorealistic" renderings. These are normally done for presentation, marketing and design analysis purposes. Architectural 3D models are to the right proportion, scale and even use real life textures, materials, color and finishes.
3D photorealistic renderings play major role in real estate sales. It also makes possible to take design related decisions well before the building is actually built. Thus it helps experimenting with building design and its visual aspects.

ArtDuck Studios uses complex 3D modeling and rendering software to create these life-like images. Our innovative team of experts develops photorealistic renderings in accordance with their usage. They can be still renderings, walk through and fly-by animations, virtual tours, panoramic renderings, renovation renderings (photomontage) and others.






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